Our Story

(The OG Raggus Crew, 2021)
During the summer of 2020, a group of high school friends were acting goofy and invented the word Raggus as a joke. The word made them laugh so much that they decided to print t-shirts with “Raggus” on them which they would wear together as friends.
The first Raggus shirts were printed in a small batch and characterized by a guava color with a funky font. They felt very comfy and soft. People always asked what Raggus meant and where they could buy the shirts. Raggus was a conversation starter!
Since then, Raggus has become a brand that promotes people to let loose and be themselves. Our community is made up of people who savor life, wear colorful swag, and spread laughter contagiously!
"In its most simple form, Raggus is a synonym for goofy. "That's Raggus" is like saying "That's Goofy""

Stay Goofy, Be Comfy

- Raggus